What is love?
love is something that makes us happy and make sense of interest. love is a beautiful feeling that makes people go crazy when exposed to the name of love.

however taukah essential that you love?
before we get there it would be nice if we know, the love that we have now is already in place or not.

speaks of love must have been very interesting, because many people who say love can make people crazy, love can make food taste bad to be good.
Love here is a word we say to someone from the family, friends and others. disclosure of the love of someone else from each other differently. exist that give flowers, cakes, gifts and more obvious with something that we can express our love to someone.

The bottom line we need to temapatnya love, do not samapai just because a misguided love makes people do desperate things that are not desirable. we should just love and love someone, but there are limits, because love itself is a disposition given by GOD to all creatures with love, we can unite two different beings become one. everything we do in this world should be as GOD. so if you love someone should be as gods.
Remember the love that is true we love to GOD.


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